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Oracle - Database Server Group招聘Software Developer, 详细说明见以下JD

Job Description:
Oracle System testing (S.H.A.R.P) group has immediate openings in Oracle Asia Development Center to work on building the next generation complete application stack for the Oracle Database, Oracle Global Single Instance (GSI) and Oracle Public Cloud (
It is the golden opportunity to learn Oracle within Oracle. The challenging position will deal with the entire Oracle product stack from ground up including operating system, storage, network, Oracle RAC database, Oracle Fusion Middleware to the Oracle Fusion applications, with focus on the Oracle database.  Engineer will expose to latest Oracle technologies on top engineered systems including Oracle Exadata, Oracle SuperCluster and Oracle Exalogic, the most compelling technology in Oracle history. At the same time, various programming technologies will be used so as to implement fully automated and effective simulation for real world enterprise applications. The position can be viewed as a combination (but not limited to) of application developer, database administrator, performance expert and solution designer/architect. Those experiences are extremely valuable toward the building solid foundations of Oracle product stack for future system architecture integration and consulting work.
Required competencies and technical skills:
-        Design and implement the next generation stress and scalable test suites for Oracle RAC Database on Exadata or SuperCluster, Oracle Public Cloud ( and Oracle Global Single Instance (GSI) in Oracle SuperCluster;
-        Enhance the test tools/infrastructure, aim to an automated testing framework with flexibility and simplicity.
-        Deploy, Configure, Administer and troubleshoot all layers of the Oracle Technology stack for the engineered systems;
-        Execute test suites, analyze the performance reports, and identify bottlenecks or defects of the products in different layers, logs and tracks product defects as encountered.;
-        Collaborate with various development and IT teams to resolve the problems encountered;
-        Install and maintain third party tools as required

-        BS/MS in CS or equivalent experience and Enthusiasm in Oracle technologies and enterprise computing;
-        Ideally, candidates have 2 years experience in database environments and configuring/or testing/or administrating in Oracle 10g/11g. (Production/Testing environment);
-        Good understanding of database architecture and terminology. OCP or OCM are preferred;
-        Strong programming skills in one or more of language, e.g., Java, C++, PL/SQL, and familiar with scripting languages;
-        Must have experiences in any one of the following platforms: Linux and Solaris;
-        System performance analysis skill and experience are highly preferred;
-        Good verbal and written communication skills in English;
-        Quick and willing to learn, self-motivator, attention to details and team player. Ability to multitask and deliver under pressure.

Department Description:
The Database Server Group in Server Technology Division is the crown jewel of Oracle America Inc, builds and creates the No.1 database software and engineered systems, which achieve extreme performance and used by thousands of enterprise customers worldwide.
System Testing S.H.A.R.P Group within the Oracle database server division is a highly respected, sought after group with a long track record of success. The group focuses on improving stability, high availability, reliability and performance (S.H.A.R.P) of complete Oracle product stack including Oracle Solaris, Enterprise Linux, Database, Oracle Fusion Middlewares and Fusion Applications in enterprise computing environments e.g., Oracle SuperCluster, Exadata and Exalogic.
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